Republican Council Candidates Talk Platform, Spending Cuts

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Left, Mike Farruggio; Right, Buddy Weber Left, Mike Farruggio; Right, Buddy Weber

The Republican candidates for Charlottesville City Council are trying to set straight what they feel is a misconception voiced by their Democratic opponents.

Republican candidates Buddy Weber and Mike Farruggio met on the downtown mall Thursday morning to discuss that point and their platform. The top issue for them is spending cuts.

Weber and Farruggio say their Democratic opponents accused them of proposing a wholesale plan for cuts - but they say that simply isn't true.

While the candidates both talked about the government being more fiscally responsible, they say any proposed cuts will be carefully considered. Their concern is not the dollar figure, but what the money is being spent on. They would like to decrease spending in three areas: unnecessary studies, ineffective programs, and delayed government decisions that eat up tax dollars.

"Only about a month ago, our opponents claimed that Mike and me were not even fiscal conservatives because we had proposed ideas that might increase spending,” said Weber.

Farruggio says they actually hope to increase funding towards protecting neighborhoods, improving public housing, decreasing panhandling on the downtown mall, and promoting new business development.

The Republicans also said they plan to address education and jobs - things they say their opponents have not addressed.