3 from Buena Vista Arrested on Felony Shoplifting Charges

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Richard Arnold Fields Richard Arnold Fields
Tracy Lynn Henley Tracy Lynn Henley
Kenneth Brian Henley Kenneth Brian Henley

Waynesboro Police Department Press Release

The Waynesboro Police Department has arrested a Buena Vista couple on felony shoplifting charges after the two, aided by another Buena Vista man, were caught stealing cartloads of merchandise from Walmart, 116 Lucy Ln on October 28, 2013. Kenneth Brian Henley, Jr., 29 years old, and his wife, Tracy Lynn Henley, 32 years old were each charged with one count of grand larceny. Also arrested was Richard Arnold Fields, 54 years old, on the same charge. Fields is an acquaintance of Kenneth Henley.

After reviewing the store's surveillance footage, officers determined that the threesome left the store with nine cartloads full of merchandise. The merchandise included food, a small refrigerator, silverware, clothing and other household goods. The amount of the stolen property is between $500 and $1000. Most of the merchandise has not been recovered.

The Henleys are being held on bond at Middle River Regional Jail. Fields was released on a personal recognizance bond.