Seminole Square’s Lawsuit against Stonefield Moves Forward

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A lawsuit between two neighboring shopping centers along Route 29 is moving forward. At issue: flooding from stormwater runoff.

The lawsuit, filed in March by the owners of the Seminole Square shopping center, claims that a drainage pipe at the Shops at Stonefield could cause the Seminole Square shopping center to flood.

It claims Stonefield will pour millions of gallons of water onto its property, and that a 72-inch-wide pipe that will run under Route 29 will bring too much runoff into a nearby retention pond.

Albemarle County Judge Cheryl Higgins is allowing those two parts of the lawsuit to move forward, but she dismissed claims against the city of Charlottesville and Albemarle County.

The plaintiff is pleased with the ruling. "We respect Judge Higgins' opinion and appreciate her prompt ruling affirming the essential issue," said Isak Howell, the plaintiff's attorney.

The Shops at Stonefield's developer, EDENS, released a statement Wednesday. There is still no trial date set.