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Martha Jefferson Monday: What is Gestational Diabetes?

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If you are pregnant and expecting a new addition to the family, chances are you aren't thinking about diabetes. However, doctors say it is something you can develop during pregnancy.

"Gestational diabetes is diabetes that's first detected during pregnancy and is not thought to be Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes that pre-existed," said Dr. Kara Hawkins, an endocrinologist at Martha Jefferson Medical and Surgical Associates.

Although it's the last thing women may be thinking about during pregnancy, it is a reality, and something that occurs due to changes in a women's body.

"During a normal pregnancy there is an increase in insulin resistance due to the placenta making hormones, and also due to the increase in the weight of the mom, and usually increased caloric intake and decrease in exercise during pregnancy," said Dr. Hawkins.

In some cases, women can compensate for the resistance, but in other cases, it's not possible, and that's when gestational diabetes can occur.

The good news is – it's typically easily treatable.

"Gestational diabetes can a lot of times be treated with dietary modifications alone," noted Dr. Hawkins. "Patients also need to control their weight gain, and prevent excessive weight gain during the pregnancy."

Typically, gestational diabetes will go away after pregnancy, but in some cases it can develop into Type 2 diabetes.

"About 1 in 10 women will continue to have diabetes after the baby is born, and an even greater percentage will go on to have diabetes 5-10 years later."

Just to be safe, doctors say it's a good idea to be tested once your baby arrives to keep a check on where things stand.

"It's recommended that you're tested at six to 12 weeks postpartum for diabetes again," shared Dr. Hawkins.

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