Louisa Hosts Orange in Battle of the Gordonsville Tastee-Freez

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The NBC 29 Kroger Tailgate Party will be on the road at Louisa County Friday night, night, as the Lions get ready to host Orange County in the annual Battle of the Gordonsville Tastee-Freez.  

Louisa head coach Jon Meeks says, "The Battle of the Tastee-Freez has been pretty big my 12 years here. I guess you could say it is our rival game the Orange-Louisa game.  It's been a see-saw battle over the last few years.  Sometimes we've beat them when we probably shouldn't have.  Sometimes they beat us when they probably shouldn't have.  It's always going to be a battle, and I'm just glad we're playing it here."

Louisa has four straight wins against its biggest rivals, as the Hornets haven't come out of top since 2008. 

"Orange, they've been talking some smack over the summer," says senior running back Dion Johnson."  It's definitely going to be a rivalry game.  We're going to come out, we're going to play hard, and we're going to do what we're coached to do, and hopefully we're going to win this game.  That would be perfect, seal the deal.  Go 4-0 against them, that's the dream."

Orange is winless on the season so far this year.  

The rivalry game will have added importance this season, as Orange has returned to the Jefferson District.

Johnson says, "Orange and Louisa, that's always been the rivalry game.  A lot of older folks are going to come out and see this game, so I guess it's been the same rivalry since I don't know how long."

Sophomore lineman Malik Johnson adds, "I think it's going to be a big game.  It's homecoming, so we have to show the fans.  It's a big rivalry.  I know Louisa is going to love that." 

Louisa county will host Orange Friday night at 7:30.