Monticello's Aaron Dudley Named Falcon Club Player of the Week

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Monticello high school defensive back Aaron Dudley is the falcon club player of the week.

Dudley had the best game of his prep career Friday night with 3 interceptions that were all made in the 4th quarter during Monticello's 31-21 win over Western Albemarle.

The 3 interceptions by a single player set a Monticello school record and the picks helped Monticello stay undefeated with a record of 7-0.

Dudley said, "I just knew that something had to be done so I just sat back and waited for the ball to come and picked it off.  I had to stay tight with my wide receiver. Steven Hearn is a great receiver.  I had to stay tight with him. I knew Henry was going to throw to him because it was his number-one receiver and I picked the ball off."