Virginia Coach Mike London Talks About his Job Security

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The Virginia Football team fell to 2-5 overall and 0-3 in the ACC after losing 35-22 to Duke on Sunday. The Cavaliers have now lost four straight and its hard to pin point exactly what the problem is because its been something different each game.

During the slide, head coach Mike London's job security has been questioned.

UVa Athletic Director Craig Littlepage has twice this season said London will return next year regardless of how the season plays out.

London himself addressed the issue Monday afternoon. He said, "I believe that I am the right man for the job. I believe that the process that's gone on here is one that although painstakingly slow, is a process that will be successful. I'm very appreciative that the administrators and people that make those types of decisions have the utmost confidence in me. I am 100% committed to winning. To producing a product that's on the field of guys that want to win. To learn how to win. I know how to win."

"He's not letting people fall away from the team," said offensive lineman, Conner Davis. Davis added, "He's out there yelling being himself, Coach London. Enthusiastic. After the games he's always saying he's not going to let us down. We just gotta get out there and stick together as a team."