Charlottesville Council Voting on New Parking Ticket Resolution

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UPDATE: Monday night, City Council approved the parking ticket waiver program.  Drivers who are ticketed for downtown parking will get the fine waived - if it's their first ticket. The city says it will take about three months to work out the details and implement the program. 

Charlottesville City Council will consider giving first-time parking offenders a freebie.

Monday night, council is expected to vote on a resolution directing city staff to develop a parking waiver program. If you get a parking ticket and it's your first one, you could take the ticket to the city treasurer's office to get the fine waived.

"This is a way to just kind of know that you get one free, by you know, you mess up once, it's okay you're forgiven, and it's really to target the tickets at people who do it habitually," said Vice Mayor Kristin Szakos.

Szakos says some people avoid downtown Charlottesville because they fear getting a parking ticket. She hopes this waiver program will change that mindset.