Staunton Parks & Rec Celebrates 3 Decades of Childcare

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For three decades, the Staunton Department of Parks & Recreation has made sure kids have a place to go before and after school. Friday, the department took time to celebrate the milestone.

HEART - which stands for Healthy Environmental Afterschool Recreation Time - takes place at three elementary schools in the district.

As part of the National Lights on Afterschool Day, organizers are doing several programs to raise awareness about the benefits of quality childcare.

"We're having cupcakes. The kids participated in a little craft where they colored the light bulb, which is the logo of the project. Today is just a celebration of quality afterschool programs because they're so important in our community," said Claire Richardson, Staunton Department of Parks & Recreation programs and childcare manager.

Kids are also participating in a semester-long kindness program with rewards promoting good behavior.