Harrington, Murphy Cases Highlighted at Event in Lovingston

Posted: Updated: Oct 18, 2013 06:40 PM
Left, Gil Harrington; Right, Laura Ann Murphy Left, Gil Harrington; Right, Laura Ann Murphy

Friday, the families of Alexis Murphy and Morgan Harrington came together to spotlight missing persons cases and unsolved murders. The event is part of a national effort to raise awareness and remember in the search for answers.

The 10th annual road tour - hosted by the CUE Center for Missing Persons - will consist of more than 25 events in eight states over the span of 10 days.

The group focused on two central Virginia cases during Friday's stop "On the Road to Remember" - Morgan Harrington and Alexis Murphy. 

Morgan Harrington, a Virginia Tech student, vanished in October of 2009 after leaving a concert at the John Paul Jones Arena. Alexis Murphy, rising senior at Nelson County High School, was last seen August 3 after leaving her home in Shipman - reportedly heading toward Lynchburg. 

"They are my family. Gil, like she said, we are sisters and that is really wonderful - just to have her in our life," said Laura Ann Murphy, Alexi's Murphy's mother.

Laura Ann Murphy and Gil Harrington are already sisters after just the second meeting.

"Once you've experienced this, you'll help anybody else who's undergoing this same obscenity as much as you can," said Gil Harrington, Morgan Harrington's mother.

The families forever linked by the loss of their daughters.

"They're in the worst possible situation. They may know now who took her but she is still missing and being missing is probably the worse thing imaginable. It was for us," said Dan Harrington, Morgan Harrington's father.

The Harringtons joined the Murphy family at the Lovinsgton Café to offer support as the search for Alexis continues.

"Yesterday was pretty bad for me because it was two months so just having everyone here to support us," said Laura Ann Murphy.

The Nelson County Girls Volleyball Team stood strong in pink even with the absence of number nine. 

"I think it definitely brings a renewed hope that there are other people that care about your case," said Monica Caison.

The community is rallying together and refusing to give up until they can bring Alexis home.

"Right now for the Murphys, they are in survival mode. There's not so much you can do until they get this answer," said Gil Harrington.

"I've been in touch with the detective and he was like, "We're not giving up on Alexis. We are continuing to search for her," and I said well I'm grateful for that. I'm really grateful," said Laura Ann Murphy.

The CUE Center road tour will be traveling down to Louisiana and Mississippi next. They hope the campaign will bring resolution and closure for the families.

For more information on the tour, click here.