Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting helps freeze excess fat CoolSculpting helps freeze excess fat

A new procedure, now available at Sentara Martha Jefferson Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, is helping people freeze away excess fat.

“CoolSculpting is a device that allows us to get rid of stubborn fat by freezing it and then your body’s natural process is to take that fat away,” said Dr. Victoria Vastine, a plastic surgeon at Sentara Martha Jefferson Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

CoolSculpting is appropriate for a vast majority of people, and helps fat cells shrink.

“The device is made to pull in the treatment area, the skin, and the fat in the treatment area and actually super cool it in such a way that leads to the fat cells actually freezing,” said Dr. Vastine.“When those fat cells thaw, they then die and your body takes care of that by gradually resolving that fat through a process called abtosis.”

A CoolSculpting treatment can take anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours depending on how many areas a patient is targeting. There is no down-time after the treatment during which activities are restricted.

“You may feel a little sore in the treatment area, you'll definitely have some swelling in the treatment area, but it's swelling that really only you're gonna notice," said Dr. Vastine.

It does take a few months, however, before the final results can be seen.

“We expect everyone to be transformed from their treatment within 90 days,” said Dr. Vastine.

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