UVa Football Works on the Weak Link - Offense

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 A couple weeks ago the University of Pittsburgh football team gave up 55 points to Duke.  On Saturday, the Cavaliers got their shot at the Panthers and could only scored three.

The Cavalier defense played pretty well in that 14-3 loss at Heinz Field, forcing three turnovers, but the offense is a concern. The offensive line struggled and sophomore quarterback, David Watford, only threw for 123 yards. His receivers dropped 10 passes.

UVa head coach Mike London said, "the fix is you talked about the offensive line situation. It's the wide receiver situation. You can't have ten drops in a game. There's a lack in production that needs to be done. Needs to be an accountability for that. It's kind of a culmination of things but at the same time its about getting those right people and giving those guys opportunities to be productive and help us play and win."

Watford said that he and his receivers went out on the practice field Saturday night as soon as they came back from Pittsburgh because the offense realizes they were the weak link Saturday.

"We just have to be able to do more and execute better," said Watford. He added, "I have to be able to demand it more in practice and be able to expect it more in practice because we have to demand it out of each other offensively and defensively as well. Defense played a great game but offensively we need to step it up and get to their level and just be able to just execute."