Western VA US Magistrate Judge Retires Monday

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Judge B. Waugh Crigler Judge B. Waugh Crigler

A longtime judge at Charlottesville's federal district courthouse is hanging up his robe Monday. 

Judge B. Waugh Crigler has been a United States magistrate judge since 1981. Since that time he has presided over a wide variety of cases. Crigler also taught law courses and helped develop curriculum at the University of Virginia.

Now he is looking back, and looking forward to what's next.

"It's been an educational experience, it's been a rewarding professional experience, and a great personal experience because of the relationships that we've developed, not only internally within the court but also with the legal community," said Crigler.

Crigler says his focus now is acting as an impartial mediator in future court hearings. But most of all, he is looking forward to more time with his family.

Reported by Rob Manch