Volunteers Work to Create Network of Trails in Crozet

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Crozet Trails Crew at work in Crozet on Wednesday Crozet Trails Crew at work in Crozet on Wednesday

Volunteers are clearing brush and building bridges over creeks to create a network of trails in western Albemarle County. Each link will connect neighborhoods across Crozet.

The Crozet Trails Crew formed in 2009 as a grassroots group to build trails the county doesn't have the manpower or money to. Four years later, the nonprofit is making progress.

Crozet Trails Crew volunteers repaired part of the Crozet connector, which stretches to the Western Ridge subdivision Wednesday.

"Our goal is that you can go from one side of Crozet to the other, or north to south," said Bob Dombrowe, Crozet Trails Crew volunteer.

Albemarle County's master plan lays out a network of greenway trails around the Crozet community - connecting neighborhoods, businesses, and parks.

"The idea is to have a bikeable, hikeable route. Get folks off the roads and enjoy these natural areas and get out for recreation, fitness, and getting to know your community," said Dan Mahon, Albemarle County greenways coordinator.

Limited taxpayer budgets put the business of building trails in the hands of the nonprofit crew's volunteers.

"These are public parks. These are public places. They own them," said Mahon. "The sweat equity and the love and care that goes into these places really shows."

Dombrowe and his crew aren't taking a break until all the pieces of the Crozet Trail puzzle are in place.

"You have to think big. We're slowly chipping away at them," said Dombrowe.

The crew's biggest fundraiser is a 5K that will run right over that temporary bridge on October 12. To register or learn more about volunteering on the trails, click here.