Taybronne White Trial Day 2

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Day two of trial for Taybronne White, the man accused of killing three people and leaving their bodies in the middle of a Greene County road, wrapped up Wednesday evening.

Victims testified to a bloody break-in as they took the stand following opening statements Wednesday morning.

The prosecution called 11 witnesses to the stand. Willie Roy and Germain Frye allege that two masked men kicked in the door of a home on Ford Avenue and held them at gunpoint. Roy said the men demanded money, struck him in the face and left when they didn't get any. He said one of them looked "similar" to White.

In opening statements, the prosecution said White broke into the wrong house looking for a convicted drug dealer. Then White allegedly turned on his three accomplices as they drove down the road.

That is when prosecutors say White killed Brian Lee Daniels, Dustin Knighton, and Lisa Hwang, and left them on Octonia Road. White is on trial for killing those three people and is charged with 11 felonies, including first-degree murder.

The prosecution acknowledged allegations of tainted evidence but said the DNA evidence still proves White is guilty.

Defense attorneys told the jury a completely different story. They say White is innocent and he was not at the break-in or the murder scene.

Testimony picks back up Thursday at 9 a.m.