Retirement Home Residents Suspect Drug Activity

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Fairfax Hall Fairfax Hall

People living in a Waynesboro retirement community say they're worried about what's happening there at night. Some say they suspect drug activity. Almost a dozen people at Fairfax Hall said the same thing: that they see a line of cars and strangers coming in and out of the facility almost every night.

The worried residents want to remain anonymous, for fear of their own safety. One said, "Somebody's going to get hurt here, if somebody doesn't do something."

For about a year, some neighbors say, they believe they've been witnessing suspicious activities happening out of one apartment in the basement.

"I seen a young lady who didn't live here walk over to the car, she reached into her shirt, pulled something out, leaned into the car, and talked for a minute, then she pulled her head back out and she stuffed something back down in her shirt, so I mean, it was pretty obvious what was going on," one resident said.

One woman says she's seen groups come in with alcohol, and that she's smelled marijuana.

"People here are starting to get scared. We're worried that something is going to happen bad here, because it usually does when this stuff goes on. And we can't seem to get any help," one resident said.

Neighbors say they reached out to management and called police, but now they don't know where to turn.

"There was a certain policeman up here the other night, and I told him what was going on, and his answer to me was 'We know about it,' and drove off," a resident said.

But police say they need a certain amount of information before they can investigate or obtain a search warrant anywhere.

"Drug dealing, whether it be a meth lab, the simple transaction of marijuana, even prescription drug peddling, it's a pervasive problem throughout the entire area," said Sgt. Brian Edwards with the Waynesboro Police Department.

Police say to please call them if you're ever worried about what's happening in your neighborhood. They also recommend coming in person to the station to let them know about any problems.