Pavilion to Update Signage in Hopes of Reducing Overnight Problems

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nTelos Wireless Pavilion nTelos Wireless Pavilion

Reports of drinking, fighting, and hanging out have proved to be the final straw for the nTelos Wireless Pavilion on Charlottesville's downtown mall. With growing concerns about public safety, the city is allowing the general manager to post new signs that make it clear: the pavilion is closed at night.

General Manager Kirby Hutto says all of that is happening at the pavilion after dark. And it's not just hearsay - there is video evidence to prove it.

Hutto says that this summer has had more issues than years past, and that the video surveillance shows a range of concerning activities including drinking and even people relieving themselves.

The pavilion is currently closed at night, but the problem is that when people have been arrested for illegal activity a lot of the cases were being dismissed with the argument that signs didn't give sufficient notice.

"The flip side of that is that they have started to sleep here overnight. We've gotten some complaints from some of our neighbors who come to work here in the morning, folks who are out walking, and we felt we needed to get ahead of this and to do that we need to make the change to the language and the rules," said Hutto.

The pavilion received approval from the Charlottesville Economic Development Authority in order to make those changes. CEDA leases the amphitheater and grounds to the pavilion.

Hutto says no physical changes will be made such as adding fences or any other barricade. The focus is on the signs.

Hutto is expecting to have the updates in place Wednesday.