Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: What is Blepharoplasty?


Blepharoplasty - more commonly known as eyelid surgery - is used on either the upper or lower eyelid to rejuvenate the eyes, make you look more awake, and happier. 

"For cosmetic reasons, I have many...younger men and women come in who just want to look more awake, more alive, and more vibrant,” noted Dr. Elizabeth Chance, a plastic surgeon with Sentara Martha Jefferson Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. 

While it is often used for cosmetic reasons, it can also be used as a medical treatment. 

“As we get older, the brow and the upper eyelid tissues usually sags a little bit and will interfere with vision, and so that's a procedure that is actually is covered by your insurance,” noted Dr. Chance. 

No matter what your reason for the procedure, the first step is a consultation. During this appointment, Dr. Chance will talk with you about what’s best based on your desires. 

The procedures itself is then quick and simple. 

“There is a small incision that is made in the upper eyelid and then the excess skin, muscle and fat is removed through an upper incision and then sewn up,” noted Dr. Chance. 

Recovery takes about a week, and the scar is nearly gone after just one month. 

“It is probably, of any procedure I do, the easiest recovery,” noted Dr. Chance.  “Also, people universally love the results.” 

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