Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: The Sentara OrthoJoint Center

Sentara OrthoJoint Center provides services for those that just had surgery Sentara OrthoJoint Center provides services for those that just had surgery

The Sentara OrthoJoint Center® provides services to patients both prior to surgery and post-surgery to ensure a successful hip or knee replacement.

Information sessions are the first step.

“Starting out early on we have an Enough is Enough seminar where people, if they have aches and pains in their hips or knees, they can go and listen to a surgeon discuss what is arthritis and how do we treat that,” said Angie Honeycutt, RN, Advanced Practice Clinician for Orthopedics.

If patients do choose to have surgery at the Sentara OrthoJoint Center, the recovery process begins immediately.

“So our patients are able to get up and walk and move day of surgery,” noted Honeycutt. “We want you to be discharged home as soon as you're safe, ready and able. We have some folks that are able to go home the very day of surgery, they are doing that well.”

Ninety percent of patients are discharged directly home, and recently a reunion brunch was started so patients could come back and celebrate their successful surgeries together.

“They're very excited to be mobile and back on their feet and not using assistive devices,” said Honeycutt.

And through the entire process, compassionate care is a constant.

“People have vocalized that to me and to other coworkers that they just love coming here because of the people and the warmth," said Honeycutt.

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