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Martha Jefferson Monday: What is the Benefit of Having a Primary Care Physician?


Living a healthy lifestyle, and feeling good on a day-to-day basis is typically high on most people's to-do lists. In order to accomplish this though, it's a good idea to have a primary care doctor you can turn to help for when you don't feel good, and when you do.

"Most primary care providers like to think of ourselves as a hub on the wheel," said Dr. Andy Hawkins, a family physician at Spring Creek Family Medicine. "If you need services that we can't provide we are able to organize sending the patient to someone else and can also make sure we're getting results back."

In his practice, Dr. Hawkins often times sees patients when they are sick. He always emphasizes however, the importance of checking in with your doctor to stay up on the latest wellness initiatives.

"There are a number of things we screen for... a number of things we can see when you come into the office," noted Hawkins.

Over time, the more you see your doctor, the stronger and better your relationship will become…as would be the case with anyone else.

"I think you could compare it to any relationship you have with a friend or family member," commented Hawkins.

Typically, well visits are recommended at least every year or two for healthy adults. Dr. Hawkins says that depending on your individual situation, you may need to come more often, but you and your physician can decide what's right for you.

In the end, the ultimate goal is to build better health, together.

"My firm belief is the more you know about your health, the better. So, the more that relationship grows, the more you're able to empower patients by making them understand things about their health, the better," noted Dr. Hawkins.

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