Fluvanna Remembers 9/11 with Flag Ceremony

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Fluvanna County marked the somber events of 9/11 with a flag dedication ceremony in front of the public safety building and library Wednesday.

The ceremony honored the families of first responders of 9/11 and today. The event retired an old flag and replaced it with a new one. Prayers and a moment of silence were part of the ceremony.

Sheriff Ryant Washington officiated the event and talked about the dedication of first responders nationally and in Fluvanna County. Washington talked about the effect 9/11 has had on law enforcement.

"We've looked at everything from training to how we do business, best practices, education and informing citizenry of what to look out for - it has really changed how we do business as well," he stated.

First responders raised the new flag to half staff where it will remain throughout the day.

People who saw the collapse of the World Trade Center in person were at the ceremony. One said, even 12 years later, he could not look at images from the day of the disaster.