Vigil Held at UVA against U.S. Military Force in Syria

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center: Maryam Ahmad, fourth-year UVA student center: Maryam Ahmad, fourth-year UVA student

A vigil held Monday night in Charlottesville added to the pressure coming from those who want to keep U.S. Military force out of Syria.

Dozens gathered on the steps of the University of Virginia Rotunda for the vigil for Syria, many speaking about the horrible events taking place there and also about their opposition to the U.S. taking action.    

"The children in my country are already dying. The people are already suffering and it's something that's very close to my own heart," said Maryam Ahmad, who attended the vigil.

Ahmad is a fourth-year UVA student from Pakistan. She sat among dozens at the vigil preaching for peace and asking the U.S. not to intervene. She says she has seen firsthand what it has done to her country.

"I wanted to come out here to stand against any other sort of military intervention that might take place in any other country, especially Syria," Ahmad said.

Organizers say more people need to understand what is actually going on in Syria - and get involved.

"It's important for us to get together and voice our opposition together and make this expression more public and get more people to understand why it is we feel the way we do," said Melissa Reilly-Diakun, an organizer of the vigil.

Reilly-Diakun says taking military action is not the right thing to do.

"What happened in Syria is terrible and what has been happening in Syria has been terrible for years now and the fact that we think we can go in and take this strike all by ourselves doesn't make any sense to me," Reilly-Diakun said.

Especially, she says, without the authorization of the United Nations.

"It not only undermines the global world that we live in but it also undermines the political process within the United States and it demeans international law if there is any unilateral action," Ahmad said.

Those who attended the vigil say they will continue to speak out and spread the word about why they think the U.S. should not intervene in Syria.