Congressman Hurt Speaks with Constituents about Syria Concerns

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As the debate over the possibility of using military force in Syria heats up in Washington, controversy is stirring up in central Virginia. Those against a possible U.S. attack on Syria are taking their concerns to Congressman Robert Hurt.

Hurt is meeting with them at his office in Albemarle County. Hurt's office has been flooded with messages from constituents - mostly those against the U.S.'s involvement.

More than 40 lawmakers in the House are backing military strikes against Syria. Still, about 75 percent of Congress haven't yet expressed open support - including Hurt. He says before he can decide, the president needs to show there is a direct threat to national security.

"I think it should be an extremely high bar anytime we commit our resources, not just our military assets but more important the possibility that we could end up losing our own troops in a conflict like this," Hurt said.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has approved President Obama's proposal for military force. The measure now needs approval by both the full Senate and the House.