Forum Held in Charlottesville on Preventing Attack on Syria

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Preventing an attack on Syria was the headline of a town hall forum in Charlottesville Wednesday night.

Dozens came out to the Friends Meeting House to voice their concerns about the Obama administration's push for military action in Syria. The event's speakers were writer and researcher Helena Cobban, Pastor Roy Hange, who has lived in Syria, author David Swanson, City Councilor Dave Norris and U.S. Constitutional attorney John Whitehead.

"The U.S. government should not intervene in Syria, militarily, unless there is a full open debate before Congress that the American people can be involved in," Whitehead said. "We haven't had that.  It's mainly secret meetings and the president making statements."

Congressman Robert Hurt's director of outreach was also in attendance.

This same group has lobbied Hurt to oppose any U.S. intervention in Syria.

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