Criticized Fluvanna Middle School Principal Speaks Out

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Yardley Farquharson, principal of Fluvanna County Middle School Yardley Farquharson, principal of Fluvanna County Middle School

The issue this week in Fluvanna County Public Schools has been the new principal at the middle school there. She's been widely criticized for how she handled kids Monday on their first day in class.

Now, several public meetings later, the principal and the superintendent are sitting down with NBC29 to talk about what happened and where things go next.

Principal Yardley Farquharson is setting the record straight about parents' concerns and moving forward.

On the first day of school, Farquharson found something she wasn't expecting.

"When I'm in the hallway and I see 300 kids just kind of everywhere - red flag - safety, safety, safety," Farquharson said.

She says she raised her voice to reach the crowd, a gesture that surprised students and outraged some parents. But Superintendent Gena Keller says Principal Farquharson was already working to remedy the situation before the firestorm of parents' concerns sparked on social media.

Farquharson met with students on the second day of school to talk about volume control and not crowding the hallways.

"Why do we need to pass to the right? Because this, because I don't want to get pushed down," Farquharson said.

As for other parents' concerns, Farquharson says she is enforcing policies already in place. And the rumor about being fired from another division - is just a rumor.

"I was not fired. I actually resigned. And it just gets to a place where you know that it's time to go. It's time to move on," Farquharson said.

Keller says Farquharson is an up-and-coming shining star in public education.

"She is bright, she has led student achievement growth in other school divisions and that's what we have to look at is the growth of children," Keller said.

Farquharson says she has found support from many staff members and parents this week, that she looks forward to further conversations with parents, and that she won't let anything stop her from the task at hand, educating Fluvanna's students.

"I'm here and I'm here to listen and I'm here to work with you to make sure that your young person gets exactly what they need to be successful," she said.

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