Albemarle Holds Open House on Land Development Procedure

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People who live in Albemarle County are taking a look at a proposed ordinance created to save money and help preserve land.

There is an open house Tuesday night discussing critical slopes and areas of preservation in Albemarle County. County planners have developed a new ordinance that lays out the areas of land that have slopes at an angle of 25 percent or higher.

The areas have been divided into two categories: developed and preserved - the preserved being areas that cannot be built on at all. Under the current ordinance, any development on a managed slope has to go before the county - but under the proposed ordinance, residents would no longer have to ask for permission.

"This is all about if someone wants to build something new in their backyard, for example, and they have steep slopes, being able to do that without having to go through a special exception process," said Bill Fritz, Albemarle County's chief of special projects.

The proposed ordinance would, however, create certain design standards to ensure safety when building on slopes.

The open house runs until 6 p.m. Tuesday. Then the planning commission will meet to discuss the proposal. The group hopes to have the ordinance in place by the fall.

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