Political Attacks Could Drown Out Policy Proposals

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left: Terry McAuliffe, right: Ken Cuccinelli left: Terry McAuliffe, right: Ken Cuccinelli

For months, the men running to become Virginia's next governor have tried to stay on message, talking about the economy, jobs, and building a strong middle class. But between the policy promises, there have also been attacks. And analysts say those attacks will continue through November for one very simple reason: they work.

The first attacks began in the early part of 2013, and have persisted throughout the year. Republicans continue to attack Terry McAuliffe over his ties to electric car company Greentech Automotive, now under SEC investigation. And Democrats have attacked Ken Cuccinelli on ideological issues and his ties to Governor Bob McDonnell's ongoing gifts controversy.

But University of Virginia political analyst Geoff Skelley says, while attacks are easy to come by, it could be difficult to hear policy debates over the negative noise.

"That's going to dominate the headlines, especially if there are more revelations out there, which it seems like there could be for both of them," Skelley said.

Despite consistent attacks, analysts say it's unlikely either candidate will pull away from the other unless another political bombshell drops either in or outside the race.

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