Crozet Wins JSL Championship and Halts Fairview's 22-Year Reign

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The Crozet swim team put an end to Fairview's 22-year reign as they beat Fairview 1,908.75 points to 1,880.75.

This year was Elsa Strickland's last year as a Gator before she heads to college at JMU and she said it isn't only a huge deal that they beat Fairview, but it means a ton to the Crozet community.

"It means a lot to us. They've won championships for the past 22 years. Since before I was born. Since its my final year, its a great going away present. I was crossing my fingers. I was really praying that we would pull out and win. When I heard the final news I was so excited. Its cool because we're the only swim team in Crozet so its our whole community that swims on this team. We all know each other, its a small town. When we get together we have a lot of fun and we swim well," said Strickland. 


1 Crozet Gator's Swim Team Crozet Gator's Swim Team 1,908. 75
 2 Fairvew Swim Club Fairvew Swim Club 1,880. 75
 3 Boars Head Swim Club Boars Head Swim Club 1,789. 25
 4 Forest Lakes Swim Team Forest Lakes Swim Team 1,706. 75
 5 Fry's Spring Swim Team Fry's Spring Swim Team 1,524. 25
 6 Hollymead Hammerheads Hollymead Hammerheads 1,482. 50
 7 Atlantic Coast Athletic Club Atlantic Coast Athletic Club 1,456. 25
 8 City Swordfish City Swordfish 1,431. 50
 9 Farmington Country Club Frogs Farmington Country Club Frogs 1,274. 25
 10 Fluvanna Area Swim Team Fluvanna Area Swim Team 1,219. 25
 11 Glenmore Country Club Glenmore Country Club 1,032. 50
 12 Greene Hills Gators Greene Hills Gators 988. 75
 13 Key West Club Key West Club 960. 50
 14 Lake Monticello Swim Team Lake Monticello Swim Team 865
 15 Louisa Gators Louisa Gators 659. 75
 16 Elks Swim Team Elks Swim Team 232. 50
 17 Gordonsville Orcas Swim Team Gordonsville Orcas Swim Team 74


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