Trayvon Martin Supporters Voice Concerns at City Council

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Melvin Grady speaking out over his concerns regarding the Zimmerman verdict. Melvin Grady speaking out over his concerns regarding the Zimmerman verdict.

The George Zimmerman case was heavy on the minds of many at Monday night's City Council meeting. Many people spoke out -- upset about the Zimmerman verdict -- afraid that it could easily happen in Charlottesville.

"I could be the next Trayvon Martin," said 'Justice for Trayvon' rally organizer Tamaurice Washington.

That's the message a number of people brought to Charlottesville City Council Monday night.

"It is a clear reminder that race does matter," Joy Johnson, who lives in Charlottesville, said.

Monday night's public comment session painted a picture of disappointment in the verdict of the Zimmerman trial -- and the concern about race in Charlottesville.

"It broke my heart and the message it sent to people especially in the African-American community in this country is a damaging one," Charlottesville's Vice Mayor Kristin Szakos said.

"We think we're a tolerant cosmopolitan city that celebrates diversity but are we? Maybe we're really socially and racially and economically segregated neighborhoods," City Councilor Kathy Galvin said.  

Community members are asking council to make sure the laws in Charlottesville are fair and prevent such a thing from happening.

"That's a very dangerous message and I hope council sees it that way," Charlottesville resident Melvin Grady said.

The 11 and 12-year-old boy and girl who organized a 'Justice for Trayvon' rally after Saturday's verdict also weighed in.

"I personally believe that justice was not served and for that reason we felt that our opinions needed to be heard and our voices needed to be heard," said rally organizer Zyahna Bryant.

Council says it will make sure the city's systems are fair to help solve the concerns about race. 

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