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Martha Jefferson Monday: Vestibular Balance Clinic at Martha Jefferson

For patients who suffer from dizzy spells, or those who may not always feel strong stand up, it is possible to feel better, you just have to retrain your brain.   

"Often we can help people in ways that they didn't really think or imagine," said Anne Knox, a physical therapist at the Martha Jefferson Neuroscience Center.

Martha Jefferson recently launched a Vestibular Balance Clinic. The vestibular system helps people maintain posture and upright balance when moving around, and if it's disrupted, that's when problems can begin.

"If I didn't have the system, when I moved my head everything would be a blur," shared Knox.

The Vestibular Balance Clinic can be helpful to many people. Those who suffer from vertigo, dizziness, or who have problems walking a straight line would all be good candidates for an appointment.

"What we do is we assess what their symptoms are, and where they might be coming from, because it could be an inner ear disorder, or a problem in part of their brain, or a simple problem that they lost some feeling in their feet," said Knox.

Once the initial assessment is done, an individualized plan is created so the patient can work on forcing their brain to adapt.

"Some patients will really just be taught some things to do on their own and they'll come back periodically to see how they progress. Other patients need to have in-clinic time a couple times a week for several weeks."

Anyone can make an appointment at the clinic, but you do need a referral from a doctor.

For more information on the Vestibular Balance Clinic, please call Health Connection at (434) 654-7009.

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