Learning Resources for Music & World Languages Available for Public Review

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Albemarle County Public Schools
Press Release

 (ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va.) – Learning resources for music and world languages, proposed for approval at the Albemarle County School Board's June 27 meeting, will be on display through August 7 at the Albemarle Resource Center, located at 1200 Forest Street in Charlottesville. The materials are housed in the office trailer labeled "Albemarle Resource Center (ARC) Office." This is a new location.

The books and materials are available for public review from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except school division holidays. In accordance with School Board Policy IIAA, a textbook selection and adoption committee developed specific evaluation checklists to determine alignment of materials with Albemarle County curriculum goals, correlation to the related discipline area competencies, and lifelong-learner competencies.

The committee also reviewed learning resources to ensure they meet the selection criteria outlined in Policy IIAA, including overall instructional purpose, educational suitability, and age appropriateness, timeliness, subject matter importance, and product quality.

These learning resources will be considered for approval at the August 8 School Board meeting.