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The Martha Jefferson Neuroscience Center recently launched a new program to work with people who are at risk for falling. 

"Falls are a major public health concern, and many of them are often preventable," said Anne Knox, a physical therapist at the Neuroscience Center. 

Knowing that falls can be presented, Martha Jefferson wanted to be pro-active and put together a special program - the Fall Prevention Clinic - focused solely on helping people to avoid falls. 

"At Martha Jefferson's Fall Prevention clinic we individually assess each person and look at all their risk factors," explained Knox. "We look at everything from their home situation to their overall balance in a static and dynamic way, their inner ear function and their overall strength and flexibility." 

Once an initial evaluation is complete, the physical therapists then work on developing plans for each patient. 

Anyone can make an appointment at the clinic; you just need a doctor's referral. And, while you may think the patients skew towards being older, that's not always the case. 

"We're staring to get people who are younger, who are concerned their balance isn't what is use to," said Knox. 

No matter what your age, at the Fall Prevention Clinic a plan will be developed just for you. 

"We don't have to see someone for weeks and weeks if a very simple balance home program would be better for them," said Knox.  "If having them in the clinic is more appropriate for them though, we will certainly go that route." 

The key, Knox says, is just practice, practice, practice…to help keep you strong.

"If you practice it, it actually will get better." 

For more information on the Fall Prevention Clinic, please call Health Connection at (434) 654-7009. 

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