Flooding Prompts Culpeper Motel Evacuation

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Sleepy Hollow Motel Sleepy Hollow Motel

Culpeper saw several inches of rain and intense flooding Sunday night and Monday morning.  Now, 40 people are scrambling to figure out where to go after being evacuated from the Sleepy Hollow Motel in Culpeper.

The guests at the motel saw the flooding first hand. They say they watched the water get higher and higher until it came pouring into their rooms. 

Angel Tate watched the water rise to her doorstep, then come pouring in. "After that, I don't know. We just kinda like panicked. We decided to throw things in the tub and just try to save what we can, but we still lost it," she stated.   

Down the hall, Will Jones woke up to his dog barking as water started seeping through the door. "This is not the normal position of a bed, the bed was floating. It was so fast that the water was coming in the door as soon as we opened up the door to find out what was going on. We saw it was like a river out there, the current was very strong."   

Jones and other guests say they had to wade through a parking lot of water waist deep. Emergency responders, who are evacuating motel residents, reported chest deep water in some rooms. 

Jason Crutchfield's 2 year-old daughter was asleep in a crib on the floor. He says he got her out just in time, and then started helping others. "We started going room to room pulling everybody out trying to save what we could save and about 20 minutes into that procedure the water was chest high," he said.

The guests were evacuated around 2:30 a.m.  Hotel staff moved guests to rooms on higher ground, but the manager says many people were left waiting outside or in the office until a Red Cross shelter opened at 5 a.m.

The Culpeper County building official visited the motel Monday morning but he couldn't enter some of the rooms because the water levels were too high. He says he ordered the electricity to be shut off to the affected structures until he can do a full evaluation.

To donate or to seek help contact the Culpeper Red Cross office at 540-825-9291.

Town of Culpeper Press Release

Heavy downpours overnight have resulted in the closing and evacuation of a Culpeper motel and road closures due to high water. Officials estimate about 5.5 inches of rain has fallen since the rain began last night. 

An estimated 40 to 50 people staying at the Sleepy Hollow Motel in the 400 block of James Madison Highway have been evacuated due to flooding. Emergency responders, who are evacuating motel residents, reported chest deep water in some rooms.

The American Red Cross has been called to assist those displaced by the flooding and is opening a shelter at the Culpeper County Volunteer Rescue Squad building on North Main Street. As a precaution, electricity has been turned off at the motel.

Across the street at Town Square Mall, Tractor Supply is experiencing flooding in the parking lot. Yowell Meadow Park and Wine Street Memorial Park are underwater at this time.

Public Works personnel are pushing mud from a mudslide in one southbound lane of James Madison Highway south of Belle Ave. Orange Road between Laurel Street and Sunset Lane remains closed due to high water as is the 400 block of Madison Road near Gayheart's Pond.

Water is up to the edge of the road on Old Rixeyville Road in the flood plain of Mountain Run but the road is passable at this time.

Earlier flooding was reported on Sperryville Pike (US 522) near North Aspen Street and also near Riverdale.

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