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Martha Jefferson Monday: Treating Migraines with Acupuncture

Dr. Margo Gill is a physician at Forest Lakes Family Medicine. One of her specialties is acupuncture, and she enjoys making patients feel better without using traditional medications.  

"Acupuncture for migraines is really no different than acupuncture for anything else," commented Dr. Gill. "The idea behind acupuncture specifically for migraines has to do with the fact the energy is getting stopped, and it's not able to flow freely. What we're trying to do it open that gate up so it can flow and you don't have pain."  

Needles are used to control the energy, and based on where on the body they are placed, the energy can them be re-routed to specifically target the problem area.  

"A series of needles are going to be placed in specific spots based on that person's, bio psycho type.  So what makes you up? What's your energy like?" 

To treat migraines or severe headaches, a few needles will go in your feet, a few in your wrists, and then tiny ones will actually go in your ears.  

"For some people, if they come in and they have an active migraine or an active headache, they will notice within minutes that that headache or migraines is dissipating or going away. For other people they might notice that if they have a chronic migraine issues they are having fewer a month," said Dr. Gill.   

Typically several treatments are required to treat migraines. Although each individual patient is different, relief normally last for quite some time.  

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