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Louisa Mustang Preservation Raising Funds to Secure Home

Posted: Updated: May 26, 2013 09:52 PM

A horse preservation in Louisa County is looking for support to continue its work with a group of American icons.  The Legacy Mustang Preservation has launched a campaign to raise funds in order to secure its home. 

The organization is dedicated to finding loving homes and a meaningful purpose for the horses in its care.  With its housing situation up in the air, the preservation is now asking for the public's help so it can move forward with its mission. 

Jamie and Craig Dodson say horse training is their calling. 

"We adopted our first mustangs in 2009 and realized that they're the best teachers in the horse industry and we went from two to now the preservation is caring for 36 mustangs," Jamie said. 

The Dodsons founded the Legacy Mustang Preservation in May 2012 and adopted the motto, "People Helping Mustangs, Mustangs Helping People." 

Jamie said, "We formed Legacy Mustang Preservation to give back to the horses and allow the horses to give back to the community, serving purposes in outreach for anything from foster care kids, returning soldiers, disabled vets.  They serve such an emotional therapeutic purpose." 

The couple moved to the 275-acre facility in Louisa just one month before the August 2011 earthquake.  

"We had a choice to leave because two chimneys had to come down," said Jamie.  "Myself and my husband and my two little girls, three and five, stayed in a camper for a month and we decided that yes, this is our calling and we pushed through." 

The owners of the property have now decided not to renew the lease because of the damage expenses.  

Legacy Mustang Preservation just received their 501(c)(3) status in the past couple of weeks.  The Dodsons are faced with a possible move unless they can find the money to buy the farm by the end of June. 

Jamie said, "We're at a crossroads and regardless of where we will be, we need to raise the funds to stay or the funds to find a new place." 

The Dodsons say that their facility gives the East Coast a unique opportunity to step up and help with the plight of the American mustang.  

"The fact of the matter is that 50,000 of them are being held in federal holding facilities between the federal gathers and the actual holding and feeding," said Craig.  "We spend $75 million of taxpayer money per year to take them off the range and to hold them and feed them." 

Craig says for every horse that is properly trained and adopted out, tax payers will save about $75,000 over the life span of that horse.  He emphasizes that the demand is there. 

"We have people willing and able and ready to adopt them.  It's just a constant issue of keeping yourself above water and the process of getting the whole thing started," Craig said.

The Dodsons are now turning to the community to help them preserve a home for the living legends. 

"Their voices and faces are ambassadors for the horses in the wild and the horses that have been captive in over 23 countries," said Jamie.  "We want to stay open to the community.  We want people to come in, bring their families, have lunch with the mustangs.  They're here to serve people." 

"From almost square one, it has been a calling, it's been a drive and it's been a calling and we've poured every ounce of physical, emotional, financial effort into making this a reality," Craig said.  "Now that reality's here, we need help finishing it off." 

Legacy Mustang Preservation is accepting donations and selling merchandise to raise money for the effort.  Click here for more information.

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