Cville Chamber Launches "Charlottesville Works" Project

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The Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce is working toward making every family in Charlottesville self-sufficient.     

It released its 'Charlottesville Works' project Monday.   It stems from the 2011 "Orange Dot Project" report that found 27 percent of people in the city are living in poverty. The project was created to help parents find work.    

"There are 1,865 families in Charlottesville who are struggling to get by. That's too many families but not too many to help. The goal of the Charlottesville works initiative is to make sure that Charlottesville works for everyone," said Ridge Schuyler of the CRCC.

The project hopes to serve as the middleman between large organizations - like the University of Virginia - and those looking for jobs.

Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce
Press Release

(Charlottesville, Virginia – May 21) The Greater Charlottesville Area Development Corporation affiliate of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce today announced that it has launched – "Charlottesville Works" – a business-driven initiative to help families achieve self-sufficiency through assisting in the development of jobs and enterprise and connecting people to those jobs.

"This project – ‘Charlottesville Works' – is the natural next step coming from the benchmark ‘Orange Dot Project' report which described in detail the high number of families, our neighbors, struggling to be self-sufficient," stated Chamber & GCADC President Timothy Hulbert. "The ‘Orange Dot Project' report has been widely acclaimed and referenced as it laid out the challenge and the pathways before us. Now we must take the next step and go about the task at hand and help strengthen our community's and families' job base."

For the past several months, Mr. Hulbert and "Orange Dot Project" author and director and now GCADC Vice President Ridge Schuyler, have quietly raised more than $50,000 towards an initial fund-raising goal of $75,000. The principal goal of "Charlottesville Works" is to accelerate the economic progress of families through assisting first in business expansion and job development and then helping individuals get and keep those jobs.

"The task is daunting yet achievable," noted Mr. Schuyler. "There are many important, on-going and successful efforts underway in our community and our Charlottesville Works initiative is perhaps best expressed as ‘another set of hands' working to achieve common goals. This will take a while, but we must join in the business of building. We want to join with other organizations and citizen to make sure Charlottesville works—for everyone."

The Greater Charlottesville Area Development Corporation was established in 1979 as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization through the initiative of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce exclusively for charitable purposes, including to strengthen the economy of the area, reduce unemployment and underemployment, and eliminate poverty…".

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