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Cuccinelli Announces Energy Policy Proposal

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One day before Republican delegates meet in Richmond for the 2013 Republican Party Convention, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli is laying out another policy proposal.  

In Bristol Thursday morning, Cuccinelli announced his energy policy in the heart of Virginia coal country. He touted less government regulation and the importance of coal in the future of Virginia's energy industry.    

Cuccinelli also supports developing alternative energy, exploring Virginia's off-shore resources, and preventing what he calls "excessive energy taxes." 

Office of Ken Cuccinelli
Press Release

Bristol, Va. – Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli today unveiled the Energy Plan for Virginia Jobs and Families at Electro-Mechanical Corporation's Power Line Division in Bristol.

The plan—just like his economic plan—is squarely focused on job creation, economic growth and reducing costly burdens, especially for lower and middle-income families and consumers. The plan employs an all-of-the-above energy strategy to enable job creators to responsibly capitalize on the Commonwealth's vast energy resources in order to create jobs and keep energy prices manageable for consumers.

"I believe Virginia can pursue a pro-growth, all-of-the-above energy policy while maintaining responsible and vigilant stewardship of our environment, and that is what the Energy Plan for Virginia Jobs and Families accomplishes," Cuccinelli said. "The plan will empower Virginia job creators to take full advantage of the Commonwealth's vast energy resources so they can invest in new technology and people."

"Poor and middle-class families in the Commonwealth are most affected by high energy prices, and we must do everything we can to utilize our resources to keep prices manageable," Cuccinelli continued. "While newer sources of energy are core components of the plan, we also know coal and other more traditional resources are essential to a sound energy policy. We unveiled the plan in Southwest Virginia because unlike my opponent, I've consistently believe Virginia's coal industry is not just a key part of Virginia's history, but also its future."

"We at Electro-Mechanical Corporation have a very rich history and we believe a very promising future," said Howard Broadfoot, Vice President of Manufacturing at Electro-Mechanical Corporation. "However, like many Virginia companies, we're worried about the economy and frustrated with the regulations coming from both Washington and Richmond. Today, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli shared his energy plan that we know will help our company continue to grow, create jobs, and offer a bright future for not only Southwest Virginia but the entire Commonwealth."

Some of the key components of the Energy Plan for Virginia Jobs and Families are below:

  • Prevent excessive energy taxes that could destroy jobs, cost consumers, and restrict development of the Commonwealth's natural resources;
  • Fight for Virginia's right to responsibly explore our abundant offshore energy resources, and streamline related regulations so quality jobs can be created in the immediate term;
  • Protect the environment, while balancing this protection with the critical need to increase energy production, improve and modernize energy technology, and bolster job creation;
  • Oppose federal overreach in the energy and environment sphere, such as the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) effort to treat water like a pollutant;
  • Request all available waivers to opt Virginia out of federal ethanol fuel requirements;
  • Support development of a wide range of alternative and clean power options, including nuclear, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, without relying on government subsidies, and encourage research in clean coal technology.

To read the entirety of the Energy Plan for Virginia Jobs and Families, click here. 


Sierra Club Virginia

Sierra Club of Virginia Statement on Ken Cuccinelli's Energy Speech in Bristol
Republican Candidate Calls for Offshore Drilling and More Dirty Coal

(Richmond, VA) – Today, during a speech in Bristol, Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Cuccinelli laid out an energy plan relying on offshore oil drilling and  increased coal mining and fracking:

Sierra Club Virginia Chapter Director Glen Besa released the following statement in response:

"Ken Cuccinelli's energy scheme has been ripped straight out of the big polluters' playbook – and that's no surprise, given that big oil billionaires like the Koch Brothers have forked over tens of thousands of dollars to his campaign war chest.

Whether it's Cuccinelli's plan to threaten Virginia's precious beaches with dangerous oil drilling or to push dirty fuels that threaten our air and water, these are ideas only the oil and coal executives financing his campaign could love. To help them make a quick buck, Cuccinelli would even gut the EPA safeguards that keep poisonous toxins out of our atmosphere and away from our families.

It's time we looked beyond the 19th century Cuccinelli is living in to the clean energy solutions that can power our homes and businesses now while creating new Virginia jobs for years to come. That means focusing on a just transition to a clean energy economy across Virginia and especially in our coalfields, where we can build a prosperous future without sacrificing a healthy future for our communities and our Commonwealth."


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