UPDATE: Good News for Orange Family of Five Battling Cancer

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The Blaine family talks with NBC29's Whitney Harris via FaceTime The Blaine family talks with NBC29's Whitney Harris via FaceTime

The family of 2-year-old Ellie Blaine spoke with NBC29 via FaceTime Monday and shared new test results that show some great improvements for Ellie's health.

The Blaines had only been together as a family of five for one day after Ellie's cancer diagnosis split them between two states, hundreds of miles away, while she got care. Now, the family is all together again, and they're celebrating some good news with regards to Ellie's health.

The central Virginia family has recently been reunited in Memphis where Ellie is getting cancer care at St. Jude's Hospital.

The results of Ellie's most recent MRI show that she no longer has a tumor in her head, and no longer has a tumor in her spine. Doctors originally said Ellie had no tumor in her spinal fluid as well, but that diagnosis has been retracted. Doctors now say Ellie has fewer tumor cells in her spinal fluid.

Overall, her parents say it's good news.

"We've still got some work to do but all great results thus far," said Ellie's father, Richard.

Ellie's mom says they're adjusting to life as a family of five again.

"It's extremely exciting. It's fun. It's been interesting learning each other again but we've had a good time. I can't describe it, it's amazing to be together again," she said.

The Blaines will all be staying together in Memphis for now, until they decide on their next move.

The Ronald McDonald house is only temporary, and the Target House where Ellie and Richard were staying couldn't take all 5 family members. But now the Blaines have found free housing for their whole family through the organization Habitat for Hope.

Carly said she's learned allow her faith to guide her, and to stop trying to make too many plans.

"Every time we try to make one it changes, so I just stopped attempting to make the plans and just leave it in God's hands, because so far he has a much more awesome plan than we ever had in mind so we're going to keep going with him," she said.

In the meantime, Ellie's parents say her treatment will remain the same for the next two months or so. She'll have two more cycles on her current chemo regiment and continued testing, which will show how much of her cancer is left, and will help doctors determine the next steps for her care.

If you'd like to help or keep up with the Blaine family, visit their website, blog or Facebook page.

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