Western Albemarle High School Holds First Meet on Improved Track

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the new and improved track at Western Albemarle High School the new and improved track at Western Albemarle High School

Some Western Albemarle High School track athletes are really celebrating. Wednesday night marked their first home meet in six years.

A brand new track means fewer injuries for those competing. Dozens of athletes are now competing for the top running title at a school that hasn't seen this much action in six years.

"It feels really surreal actually because our track has always been in terrible condition," said Mac Outlaw, a WAHS senior. 

Dips, cracks and even missing chunks of pavement plagued the school's track. It was the team's only place to run. Parents and athletes lobbied the school board to bump up the track's replacement date due to safety risks. 

"It's smoother. It's cushioned better. There's no divots. There's no air bubbles that you can trip on during a practice or race," said David Taylor, a WAHS senior.

But it's a bittersweet day for seniors like Taylor, who have never competed at home while in high school.

"It's a bit unfortunate. It's my first home meet as a senior and last," he said. 

The new track boasts a better surface and better markings to keep the runners in check. 

"It's really exciting actually it's kind of strange to run an actual home meet on our track," said Annie Taylor, also a WAHS athlete. 

The new track cost about $300,000 but athletes say it's money well spent. 

"It feels really good to not take the bus trip out to some other school to race," Outlaw said.

The track and field team is also trying to raise about $3,000 to help purchase some new equipment. Click here to help.