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Victim of Hit-and-Run at Barracks and Rugby Speaks Out

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Police say a driver intentionally hit Valerie Jones in a driveway before fleeing the scene. Police say a driver intentionally hit Valerie Jones in a driveway before fleeing the scene.
Tonya Hammack Tonya Hammack

UPDATE: On Tuesday night, Tonya Hammack turned herself in to police. She was charged with two charges of attempt to commit noncapital offense. Police also issued two protective orders on victims from incident.

A Monday night hit-and-run call has turned out to be much more.      

Tuesday night, the victim tells the story of how she was the target of an out-of-control woman. 

The incident happened just before 9 p.m. Monday near the intersection of Barracks Road and Rugby Road. Police say a driver intentionally hit a woman in a driveway before fleeing the scene. A rug, still in the driveway, is what started the whole thing.

"The woman was out to kill me," said the victim, Valerie Jones.

It was a dispute - gone very wrong - that started over some abandoned belongings.

"Basically it's all over a rug. It's over a rug," said Jones' roommate Brandon Barrett.

Barrett says he rented out his basement apartment to a woman whom police have not yet identified. He says he evicted her in late February when she stopped paying rent.

Monday night, the woman returned to pick up a car she left behind. Inside were belongings - put in the car by Barrett - she had left in the apartment.

"She started throwing everything out of the car that was in there and saying that she's not taking any of it," Jones said.

A third roommate called the police to have them settle the heated dispute over the belongings, but the woman tried to get in her car and leave.

"I said, ‘I am not moving from behind your car until the police get here.' She got in her car, started it, bumped me two or three times back so that she had enough room to turn around," Barrett said. 

Then the woman allegedly backed her car up in the driveway and ran over Jones.  

"I could see the silhouette and I saw her face. She just was behind the wheel and she just went ahead and floored it," Jones said.

Jones was conscious during the whole ordeal. Now on crutches, she says she feels lucky to only have a few scratches, bruised ribs and some minor back pain.  

"I just couldn't believe it was happening. I could not believe she did what she did," Jones said.

Both Jones and Barrett want the woman to turn herself in.

"To leave somebody in distress that you've just damaged not knowing what condition they're in and then running off, that's cowardly," Barrett said.

Jones says she is happy that she only has a few bruises and aches because it could have been much worse.

Police say they are close to an arrest but have not yet released the identity of the suspect.

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