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Local Brewmasters Concoct 5th Edition of Collaboration Beer

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Central Virginia brewers are currently concocting a collaboration beer in Crozet.

The brewmasters from Wild Wolf, Devil's Backbone, Blue Mountain, South Street, and Starr Hill each brought their best hops to Starr Hill's brewery Monday afternoon. They'll mix up the fifth edition of the Brew Ridge Trail Collaboration Beer.

Starr Hill's Brewmaster Mark Thompson expects the final product to be a hoppy, aromatic, and citrusy triple IPA.

"It's great because each of the skill sets of all the different brewers might challenge one another to say - I want a little more of this ingredient or I want a little more of that - and we come together and share what we think the best recipe will be. So far so good after 5 years, we haven't messed it up yet," said Thompson.

The collaboration beer will develop its flavors in Starr Hill's tanks for the next two to three weeks before it's bottled and hits store shelves around Charlottesville in mid-May.

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