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UVA Student Could Win Chance to Go to Space

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A University of Virginia student may soon have an out-of-this-world experience. He could be just weeks away from winning a competition that would send him into the final frontier.

Like many people, 20-year-old Patrick Carney has had dreams of becoming an astronaut.

"I've always thought about it. It's always been so cool but it's one of those things where it's so abstract you can't be like…unless you're going to be an astronaut it's sort of really far-fetched," Carney said.

The UVA student just might have that dream come to life. Axe Body Wash is giving two people the chance to go to space to "leave a man…and come back a hero."

Carney entered the competition back in February thinking he had no chance of winning - but he thought wrong.

"A couple of days ago my friend my text me and he's like Patrick, you have to check what your position is right now," Carney said.

Now Carney is in second place with nearly 114,000 thousand votes, up against someone with big internet followings.

"I'm sort of just this average Joe who is just trying to get up in votes," Carney said.

If he wins, he would travel to Orlando to prepare for orbit. Carney would not only be breaking the sound barrier, but he would also be breaking the world record as the youngest person to travel to space.

It's something he can't wrap his head around just yet.

"It's surreal right now just being in the top two," Carney said.

On his competition profile, Carney gives his reason for wanting to make the trip: "I've heard the view isn't too bad."

It is still a close race between Carney and the rest of the top ten. All have at least 100,000 votes. The competition ends April 27.

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