Building Goodness Foundation to Tackle Projects in Charlottesville

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Sometimes doing the right thing only takes a little elbow grease, a hammer and a few hours of your weekend.

Proof of that will take shape in Charlottesville on Saturday as the Building Goodness Foundation (BGF) applies all three to a good cause.

Eight projects are on tap for Saturday. Those who come to the area to learn to work are going to give back in a big way.

"I'm amazed at the amount of work that needs to be done but homes fall apart," said Aaron Anderson, builder at Alexander-Nicholson Inc.

Anderson and Dan Fagan are part of a team that will descend on the area Saturday for a building blitz.

"There's a tremendous need in our community that really just isn't noticed by most people," Fagan said.

BGF is teaming up with UVA's Darden Business School for the annual event, Building Goodness in April. Two-hundred-fifty students and builders will work on eight projects. Aside from fixing houses in disrepair, teams will put in a new railing at the Piedmont House.

They will also work on the Payton Street playground in Charlottesville. Those nearby say the wooden structure isn't being used.

"We get so much from Charlottesville and to come and invest in the community is the least we can do," said Brian Gooch, director of the Building Goodness in April event. 

Darden organizes everything ahead of the build by raising the money and picking the projects. BGF steps in with its connection to the building community to provide the knowledge.

"We got an email from a lady's daughter the other day just telling us how much it meant to her for some of the pre-work done on the house and for our fellow students to be able to see that impact is really meaningful," Gooch said.

Builders say there are between 300 and 500 homes in Charlottesville that are in disrepair. Building Goodness Foundation in April has been going since 1991.

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