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Republican, Democratic Back-and-Forth Heats Up Over Gubernatorial Race

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Ken Cuccinelli Ken Cuccinelli
Terry McAuliffe Terry McAuliffe

The race to become Virginia's next governor is already heating up - and it's only the beginning of April.

Press conferences and blast emails have become routine already in this year's race for governor. But now, parties are upping the ante, bringing the fight for Virginia's top job to your voicemail.

You might have received a call this afternoon, with the following, very pointed message: "Tell Ken Cuccinelli we expect integrity, not insider favors from our attorney general."

A robo call, sponsored by the Democratic Party of Virginia, hit phones across the state Tuesday, asking Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to resign over conflict of interest allegations with a company engaged in a tax lawsuit with Virginia.

"The only way we can begin to undo the damage this scandal has done is for Ken Cuccinelli to resign," said Delegate David Toscano (D) 50th District.

Political analyst Geoff Skelley says this is just the beginning of what promises to be a lengthy fight in the race for governor.

"It's kind of the pasta method - you throw the spaghetti against the wall and you see what sticks," said Skelley. "So I guess the Democratic Party of Virginia is interested in seeing if this is going to stick or not."

Republicans are using a similar method.

Firing back Tuesday, republicans criticized Democrat Terry McAuliffe for quietly leaving the sustainable car company GreenTech in December, while continuing to tout his position as chairman with the company.   

"He was telling people he was head of GreenTech in January - why'd he actually resign in December," said Delegate Tim Hugo (R) 40th District. "He told everybody [job creation] was one of his rationales for running, and yet it's not. It's literally a fraud."

The back-and-forth is sure to continue. 

Virginia is the gubernatorial race to watch this year, which means money will start flowing in from across the country. Campaigns are required to disclose their campaign finances for the first three months of the year by next Monday.

Cuccinelli's officer released the following statement in response to the robocalls:

"This is the latest example of Terry McAuliffe and his allies trying to distract voters from the fact that his core campaign message was completely undone by his late-night resignation from GreenTech. Unlike Ken Cuccinelli, who has a strong record of getting results for Virginia, McAuliffe's fictional business acumen is no longer a viable narrative."



Statement from the office of Terry McAuliffe:

"While Ken Cuccinelli's rationale for running is clearly to continue promoting his divisive ideological agenda, Terry's is about finding mainstream ideas to grow Virginia's economy. Ken Cuccinelli is currently in hiding and trying to distract voters from his ongoing ethics scandal."

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