Albemarle Manufacturer Lays off 22 Employees

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A taxpayer-funded Albemarle County business has laid off more than 20 employees.

MicroAire says the move doesn't indicate any signs of trouble. The business's president says the "reduction" happened Thursday. He also says no further layoffs are expected.

Twenty-two people are losing their jobs with the company. MicroAire manufactures and distributes highly specialized medical instruments around the world. The company moved its headquarters to Albemarle in 2011 with taxpayer dollars. The state gave the company $100,000, and Albemarle gave MicroAire $151,000 for an expansion project.

A county spokeswoman says the money came with a performance agreement that says 51 new jobs have to be created along with an $8 million capital investment, terms that must be met by 2014. The county says MicroAire has already met the capital investment threshold but not the hiring part.

If the conditions are not met, MicroAire would have to pay back a portion of the money.

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