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Riddick Incompetent to Stand Trial, Remains at Central State

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Rashad Riddick, the man accused of killing 3 of his Madison County family members in 2011, appeared in Madison County Circuit Court Friday. He was back from a six-month review at Central State Hospital in Petersburg after being declared incompetent to stand trial.

On February 12, 2011, James "Clark" Jackson, his wife Karen, and her daughter Chante Davis were found dead on a Madison County farm. After a statewide search for the victim's pickup truck, police found and arrested then 23-year-old Rashad Riddick near Newport News.

Riddick had recently been released from a six-year sentence for carjacking and assaulting a police officer. He was later indicted on 11 charges, including six counts of capital murder and possession of a sawed off shotgun.

On April 4, 2012, Judge Daniel Bouton ordered a competency hearing for Riddick, after he repeatedly requested to represent himself, and refused the help of mental evaluators. In May, Riddick was sent to Central State Hospital for evaluation.

During his next hearing in August 2012, after spending more than a month under psychiatric treatment and evaluation, Riddick attacked his attorney in the courtroom. He was sent back to Central State for more treatment.

At a hearing a month later, Riddick was declared incompetent to stand trial, based on reports from mental health experts, and was sent back to  Central State.

On Friday, a judge determined that Riddick was still incompetent to stand trial. Evaluators from Central State could not rule one way or the other, citing evidence for both conclusions – competent and incompetent. Riddick will remain at Central State for an additional 60 days for further treatment.

In the meantime, both sides will explore future treatment options for Riddick - namely whether to move forward with inpatient or outpatient care - and meet back in June to explore further treatment options.

The commonwealth's attorney expressed concern over the languishing of the case and how witnesses might begin to forget details surrounding the events, but did not want to challenge procedure.

Evaluators will report back to court if Riddick is found competent to stand trial at any point.

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