Charlottesville Cracking Down on Welfare Fraud

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Investigators in Charlottesville are cracking down on welfare fraud. More than a dozen people are heading to court, accused of defrauding city social services out of more than $80,000.

In this latest roundup of welfare fraud cases, the department of social services found that 16 people were not playing by the rules - now, the city says it's time to pay up.

Preliminary hearings were scheduled for some suspects in Charlottesville General District Court Thursday afternoon.    

Among them, Cheryl Gross, 44, accused of taking $2,300; Monica Ibie, 42, accused of taking $4,500 and Dorothy Snedegar, 51, who investigators say took $15,000 between 2007 and 2012.

All together, the 16 people (see full list below) charged received $82,620.34 in welfare funds they weren't entitled to.    

"If it's an individual living at a certain residence, if that's questionable. Or if it's money that they're making and they're not claiming," said Robert Albertson, Depart of Social Services fraud investigator. "I think it's something to be concerned about just because it's fraud."  

Fraud investigators say they only receive a few tips a month, and need your help keeping others honest. If someone you know might be taking advantage of the welfare system, you can find more information about how to contact social services by clicking here.

Below is the full list of people facing welfare fraud charges:
Kelly Huynh-$1,082
Howard Edman-$3,566 (this amount is shared with Ricky Randolph)
Ricky Randolph
Latrece Bright-$2100
Sheronda Folley- $15,573.07
Phillisco Alexander- $19,795.24
Kori James- $2,600
Lakisha Rankins- $5,496
Sharon Napier- $1,104
Bertha Vazquez-Morales- $2,073
Stacie Jones- $1,800
Monica Ibie- $4,505.03
Cheryl Gross- $2,369
Yarnelle Woodfolk- $3,772
Dorothy Snedegar-$15,170
Chanell Jackson-$1,615