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Peak Selling Season at Goochland Rabbit Farm

Posted: Updated: March 31, 2013 08:49 PM EDT

On Sunday, many families celebrated Easter by eating chocolate bunnies or having their picture taken with a life-size Easter Bunny. But one central Virginia family celebrates its faith by raising real bunnies year-round.

Not only is it Easter, it's also peak rabbit selling season at Eden Farms. Every day, people head to Goochland County to meet the Agnew family and find a bunny they hope will become part of the family.

"They make good year-round pets," said Jack Agnew, Eden Farms owner.

What started as a 4-H project evolved into a lifestyle. Now the Agnew family has been raising rabbits and building hutches full-time for almost 20 years.

They have around 75 adult rabbits who have litters year round. Agnew says it's amazing to watch the mother rabbit take care of her babies.

"Without any help from another rabbit or a nurse with her, she'll pull fur on the first time she's going to have a litter and make a nest and have the babies and clean them up and nurse them," he said.

During peak season, they send a baby bunny home with as many as 30 families a day

"From February through May people just think newness of year and it's almost like a New Year's resolution to get a new pet and the school's going to be ending pretty soon, I guess it's entertainment for the children," Agnew said.

But for the Agnews, raising and sharing these special creatures with their customers is a way of celebrating their faith all year round.

"We witness to our wonderful customers here and make it a part of life and try to bring Christ into everyday life on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, whenever and it makes life worthwhile, it really makes it fulfilling,"  Agnew said.  "It's just cool to watch God's creation in all of its glory even a rabbit."

Eden Farms is open everyday of the year except Christmas and Easter.

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