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Albemarle Church Performs Stations of the Cross

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Christians across the world are celebrating Good Friday - the beginning of the Easter holiday. 

Hundreds of people gathered in Albemarle County to watch a re-enactment of the Passion of the Christ. 

Friday afternoon, a crowd gathered at the Church of the Incarnation for a tradition they say helps grow their faith. 

Performers re-enacted Jesus' death on the cross, which Christians believe saved people from their sins.

"We should remember that we had God's son who saved us from all our sins," said Yazmin Duarte, who participated in the re-enactment. 

Hundreds of people followed performers through the 14 stations of the cross, where Jesus was condemned to death and forced to carry his cross. They say this year's celebration is especially important because it is the Year of Faith for Catholics. 

"We're very proud and we're very honored and joyful that we're celebrating this year, the year of the faith and we're trying to spread it to the whole world," Veronica Vargas translated for Cesar Revas, both members of the Church of the Incarnation. 

Blood and tears were all part of the performance to show how much Jesus had to endure. His path to crucifixion was paved with pain - he was whipped, crowned with thorns and nailed to the cross.

The re-enactment serves as a reminder for believers of Jesus' suffering for their sins. 

"We are concentrated more on material things and we have so many wars and fights and killing - not only in this country but all around the world. We need to concentrate more on our faith and grow our faith," Duarte said. 

After Jesus died on the cross to save his people, he was resurrected to eternal life. The performers hope the celebration of this moment will continue for generations to come. 

"I really like to be a part of it and kind of leave this for my kids because it's a tradition for my kids," Duarte said. 

Now the congregation is looking forward to Easter Sunday, and celebrating Jesus' resurrection and eternal life.

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