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Charlottesville Woman Has Knack for Finding Four-Leaf Clovers

Posted: Updated: March 23, 2013 10:41 PM EDT

A ninth-generation Virginian is turning her knack for finding good luck charms into a booming business. Now she's sharing her special gift with the Charlottesville community.

"They say that for every 10,000 three leaf clovers there's only one four leaf. But I think the odds might be better than that," Katy Cleveland said.

Cleveland became fascinated with four leaf clovers in fourth grade, and since then, she's found thousands.

"The feeling of finding a four leaf clover - its elation because the anticipation of it and then when you finally find one it's just pure happiness," she said. "And then you feel lucky, you do, because it's a rare thing to find."

A few years ago, Cleveland noticed she had a knack for clover-hunting.

"I would sit down in a patch and spend an hour, I'd give myself an hour and see how many I could find and from there I just got excited about sharing it," she said.

So she started flattening, drying, and framing her treasures. Now, she sells them at the Virginia Shop in Charlottesville, where they are the go-to gift.

"We always sell out; I mean she can't keep up with the demand," said Virginia Shop owner Tiffany Smith.

Cleveland says her gift isn't a sixth sense.

"If you don't find one it doesn't mean you're unlucky," she said.

Being patient and taking the time to enjoy the little things can lead anyone to one of these good luck charms.

"Your brain recognizes patterns so that's how we observe our environment and when you're scanning for clovers, your brain will see one, two, three...one, two, three, and as soon as you see the fourth leaf your brain will kind of alert you and let you know that there's something special," she said.

Cleveland says she's lucky to share this gift with so many others.

"To give something that means all those four things - the luck, love, hope and faith - it's just I think a perfect gift," she said.

Cleveland says clover hunting gives her a chance to enjoy the green spaces in Charlottesville and Albemarle. Her framed four leaf clovers are on sale year-round at the Virginia Shop in the Barracks Road Shopping Center.

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